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Healthshare Programs & Plans

  • Healthshare plans & programs are programs where a community shares the expenses of eligible medical expenses. Instead of paying healthcare premiums, program members will send in shares of money, which is analogous what a health insurance premium is anyways. These shares of money are used to pay the medical costs of all members. It is a form of risk pooling, and insurance at its’ core is also a form a risk pooling. While people are sometimes concerned about Healthshare health programs because they are not aware of them and they are not ‘traditional health insurance’, Healthshare plans typically are very good health coverage options based on the coverage amounts, eligibility, and premiums.

Short Term Health Plans

  • Short term insurance policies bridge the gap. The time between open enrollment is one, but there are others, and many states have extended health enrollment periods. Special enrollment periods also exist for qualifying events. A person may need short term health insurance between jobs and COBRA is too expensive or their employer provided health coverage may be expensive and inadequate. A dependent child may have turned 26 and is no longer eligible for his or her parent’s health insurance. New employees may need to wait three months or more before the group health insurance plan covers them. Short-term health insurance can protect that person while waiting for the employer’s plan coverage to start, but don’t let the name fool you, you can remain on a short-term health insurance plan for as long as you need or like.

Obamacare Health Plans

  • There was an important reason for the legislation being called the Affordable Care Act (this is what authorized Obamacare in the first place). It was difficult for people living at or below the poverty line to get affordable insurance that would cover medical expenses. It was also challenging to get the right coverage if a person had a pre-existing condition. Pre-existing conditions no longer prevent someone from having health insurance. Moreover, children may stay on their parent’s medical insurance until they reach 26 years of age. The result is that millions of people who had little or no medical protection at all are able to receive it.

Medicare Advantage Plans

  • Medicare Advantage is often referred to as an all-in-one Medicare alternative. You always can have the original Medicare, which is Part A, the hospital insurance, and Part B, the medical insurance. Drug coverage would be under the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, Part D and that is purchased separately. Medicare Advantage is Part C. It comes with both Part A and Part B in the package and, ordinarily, Part D. There are some noticeable differences between the traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage

Medicare Supplemental Plans

  • Medicare Supplemental plans are also known as Medigap. Medigap is what covers expenses outside of Medicare part A(hospital insurance) and B(medical insurance). The plans are intended to help you pay for those costs that you would ordinarily cover yourself that Medicare Part A and Part B do not cover. This includes outpatient drugs. When you enroll in medicare, you will do so through your social security office and you will enroll in both Medicare part A and Medicare part B.


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Answers to your Health Insurance Questions

The health insurance marketplace, otherwise known as ‘Obamacare’, is where you can purchase plans during open enrollment and during special enrollment periods. To learn more about open enrollment periods and plans available, simply call us or fill out our form.

During open enrollment each year, anyone can enroll in marketplace health insurance for the upcoming year to start on January 1st. Health insurance open enrollment deadline is always December 15th. If you don’t enroll before the deadline, you need a qualifying event. Learn more about special enrollment periods and qualifying events to help navigate your search for health insurance options and regulations.

Penalties for not having health insurance have been discontinued. However, some states do require health insurance and you may still be liable if you live in one of these states. Find out more.

Health insurance plans have varying levels of coverage and inclusions like remote doctor 24/7 access, preventative care coverage, and even prescription coverage. Many times, prescription coverage is included, or can be added on to your plan. If you need assistance or simply want to save money on your prescriptions, contact us today.


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