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Your Guide to Health Insurance is your trusted source for advice and guidance on choosing health insurance.

How to File for Unemployment and What Else to Consider

These are times that will try everyone’s souls. The coronavirus pandemic is causing the government to take drastic actions and people are being quarantined all over the country. Employers are temporarily furloughing their workforces to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. It means that millions of people in the United States are going to […]

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Prescription Drug Coverage With or Without Employment or Health Insurance

Medicine plays an important role in keeping people healthy and productive. Unfortunately, health can come at a huge price for many Americans. but staying healthy can be expensive.  Healthcare spending is the top financial challenge U.S. families face. The ongoing cost of prescription drugs plays a large part in healthcare costs. The average American. spends […]

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What to Do About Health Insurance if You’ve Lost Your Job?

Losing your job is always stressful but also losing your health insurance at the same time adds even more pressure. The majority of Americans receive their health insurance through their employer but when the employment ends, so does the insurance coverage.  While health insurance is no longer mandatory under federal law, many states still require […]

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Answers to your Health Insurance Questions

The health insurance marketplace, otherwise known as ‘Obamacare’, is where you can purchase plans during open enrollment and during special enrollment periods. To learn more about open enrollment periods and plans available, simply call us or fill out our form.

During open enrollment each year, anyone can enroll in marketplace health insurance for the upcoming year to start on January 1st. Health insurance open enrollment deadline is always December 15th. If you don’t enroll before the deadline, you need a qualifying event. Learn more about special enrollment periods and qualifying events in this article.

Penalties for not having health insurance have been discontinued. However, some states do require health insurance and you may still be liable if you live in one of these states. Find out more.

Health insurance plans have varying levels of coverage and inclusions like remote doctor 24/7 access, preventative care coverage, and even prescription coverage. Many times, prescription coverage is included, or can be added on to your plan. If you need assistance or simply want to save money on your prescriptions, contact us today.


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