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Health share Programs & Plans

What are health share coverage plans?

Medical Healthshare programs are programs where a community shares the expenses of eligible medical expenses. Instead of paying healthcare premiums, program members will send in shares of money, which is analogous what a health insurance premium is anyways. These shares of money are used to pay the medical costs of all members. It is a form of risk pooling, and insurance at its’ core is also a form a risk pooling. While people are sometimes concerned about Healthshare health programs because they are not aware of them and they are not ‘traditional health insurance’, Healthshare plans typically are very good health coverage options based on the coverage amounts, eligibility, and premiums. As health insurance continues to increase in cost, Healthshare programs are becoming much more popular. Switching to a health share plan can save a considerable amount of money compared to other types of coverage and types of coverage.

How much are healthshare programs?

The cost of healthshare plans

A Healthshare program is more than a community based health program. Healthshare plans continue to grow in popularity and their included benefits do as well. Maybe times these benefits include 24/7 telemedicine, prescription saving benefits, discounts on dental and vision, and more. They can be far less expensive in co-pays, deductibles, and out of pocket maximum while having similar or better coverage and eligibility than a traditional health insurance plans. That can be very enticing to anyone who is dealing with high premiums from employer-based group medical benefits or expensive marketplace coverage that seems to continue to increase in cost every year. If you’re interested in a quote for a health sharing coverage options for you and your family, get a quote from our licensed agents in minutes..

Healthshare Program Benefits

Are Healthshare health coverage programs good?

There are millions of people in America currently enrolled in healthshare health coverage programs. Billions of dollars have been paid in health claims from healthshare type plans and the amount of coverage received based on the premium for many consumers is part of the reason they are so popular.

A person who relies on their health insurance coverage frequently and cannot afford high cost health insurance should look at health sharing programs. Healthshare plans require eligibility for coverage, which differs from marketplace plans where eligibility is based on enrollment periods and special enrollment period eligibility. A few things to consider when looking into healthshare health plans are:

  1. Because this is a voluntary, community-based program, some of the legal protections common to health insurance are not there. While voluntary, healthshare programs have paid out billions of dollars in health coverage claims and reimbursement and at times pay out higher for claims than marketplace health plans. Health share programs are also becoming increasing popular, which increases the amount of people sharing, and strengthens the program for everyone.
  2. There is no mandatory coverage that a health share program must cover. Health insurance plans purchased through the affordable care act exchanges must cover ten essential services. There is no such requirement for a Healthshare plan. This is why Healthshare and many private marketplace plans are more affordable at times, because the coverage is not required to include benefits that you may not even need or want. Many times the required coverage mandated by the government is not coverage that most individuals require. Licensed health insurance agents are best to consult and assure that a healthshare program is right for you.
  3. Healthshare programs have become more popular since the inception of the government healthcare marketplace. The costs for coverage are usually comparable to other private health plans, but the coverage is usually more comprehensive in total dollar amount of coverage for claims. In other words, you have better coverage for the same price.
  4. The expenses of healthshare coverage plans are relatively low if a person has a healthy lifestyle and does not have significant medical emergencies. Healthshare plans also give a sense of community to its members and additional benefits the community provides.

Find a healthshare plan

Find a healthshare coverage plan

Shopping and learning more about healthshare plans and their benefits is simple! You can complete our short form to connect with licensed agents who are experienced in health sharing health coverage plans. Millions of people are enrolled in healthshare plans across the country. You can find out if switching to a healthshare plan will save you and your family money in minutes. Contact us today for a free quote from experienced, licensed healthshare agents.


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