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Short Term Health Insurance

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People will miss health insurance open enrollment for a variety of reasons. The biggest one is they simply forgot, and the deadline date came and went. Missing the open enrollment can put somebody in a difficult spot. If they cannot get a special enrollment and there is no qualifying event, there is a good chance they will go without insurance coverage. It is a risk that no one should take, given the high cost of medical treatment. It is good to know there is an option, and short-term insurance can help anyone who has missed health enrollment deadlines.

Top Short-Term Health Plan Questions

What is Short Term Health Coverge?

Short term insurance policies bridge the gap. The time between open enrollment is one, but there are others, and many states have extended health enrollment periods. Special enrollment periods also exist for qualifying events. A person may need short term health insurance between jobs and COBRA is too expensive or their employer provided health coverage may be expensive and inadequate. A dependent child may have turned 26 and is no longer eligible for his or her parent’s health insurance. New employees may need to wait three months or more before the group health insurance plan covers them. Short-term health insurance can protect that person while waiting for the employer’s plan coverage to start, but don’t let the name fool you, you can remain on a short-term health insurance plan for as long as you need or like.

What does Short-Term Health Coverage Include?

Short Term Health Insurance Coverage

An individual can expect that a short-term plan will assist with medical treatments and services caused by unexpected injury or illness. These can include a hospital stay, going to the emergency room, outpatient services from a doctor, surgery, and laboratory services, including x-rays.

The short-term health insurance benefits depend on the insurance policy itself. It can cover prescription drugs but might charge a fee for other benefits. You may be asked to fill out a health questionnaire and reveal a pre-existing condition. Qualifications to exist for short-term health plans, so you need to check your eligibility. Keep in mind that if you do not tell about a pre-existing condition, the insurance company has the prerogative of canceling your policy. Don’t be surprised if a short-term plan does not provide coverage for maternity care, vision, dental, treatment for mental health conditions, or preventive health measures. Don’t worry though, you can add on coverage for dental, vision, and prescription as needed.

Is a Short-Term Health Plan Right for Me?

Learn about short term health plans

The coverages may be what you need, and they might not be; it all depends on the insurance company and what it is willing to do for you. It also depends on how much you are ready to pay.

There is not one standard coverage. These products will differ from one insurance company to another, depending on underwriting guidelines. You are going to have to select, and that is not always easy, so consult a licensed health agent familiar with short-term health plans.

Anyone who is looking for a short-term policy needs immediate action. These people do not have time to do a lot of research and many times they are the victims of some very slick marketing. Urgency can cause a person to make a mistake. It is always better to have an insurance professional to help you. This person can offer options right away, saving you time and trouble, and making sure that you get the coverage you need as well as comparing many health coverage options to determine the best health coverage for your unique situation.

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