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Benefits of Private Plan Options

You need health insurance. The cost of medical care, including the most basic treatments, can be very expensive and that means it is a big risk to not have health coverage. If you are under 26 years of age, you might be able to have coverage under your parents’ plan, but you will need your own sooner or later.

Not all employers provide coverage for everybody in their workplace. People working part-time might not be eligible for employer coverage. Someone who is unemployed, the self-employed, or for whatever reasons cannot enroll in an employer-sponsored plan, must look for a private plan for coverage. The ACA Marketplace is intended to help people get medical insurance, but sometimes the cost is higher than you can afford. Fortunately, there are benefits to using the private plan option.

Private Health Insurance Coverage

A private health plan will typically cover major health expenses and you can choose additional add-on options for increased coverage. Private health plans can include dental insurance, vision insurance, and tele-doctor visits. The main difference from private health plans to marketplace or employer health plans is Minimum Essential Coverage. Minimum essential coverage requires health plans to cover pregnancy and drug & alcohol rehabilitation as well as many other benefits. You will pay for this coverage in your plan whether you need it or not. Private health coverage offers many options that are included in marketplace health plans, but also does not require you to pay for coverage that you do not need or want. This is why private health plans are typically less expensive than marketplace health insurance. 

How Much is Private Health Insurance?

Private health plans vary in price just like marketplace health plans. Private health plans offer flexibility in the coverage you sign up for, but letting you pick plans that do not include coverage you do not need. Marketplace health plans include MEC(minimum essential coverage) and many times people do not need all of the coverage included. For this reason, private health plans often times are less expensive than marketplace health plans depending on your income. Additionally, someone in reasonably good health is better off with a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) with a lower premium and also finding a private health plan that does not include coverage they do not need.

Who Accepts Private Health Insurance?

We have already discussed how a private plan permits you to have the specific coverage you need. It is important to note than most doctors accept many different private health plan options. An employer-sponsored health insurance plan might not allow for PPO or HMO services, or it will limit a person’s selection to specific networks. A private health plan may let you decide which PPO or HMO you would like to be enrolled in. You are able to check if your doctor accepts a private health plan prior to enrolling to confirm.

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A licensed agent is ethically bound to work on your behalf. This insurance professional will discuss with you what you need and what your price range is for premiums. A selection can be created, and you can pick what plan best suits your needs. You get the benefit of an agent’s knowledge and experience and you end up with the insurance coverage required at a price you can pay. It rarely gets better than that.

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