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Answers to your Health Insurance Questions

There are many health insurance companies in the United States that provide health care benefits. Some health insurance companies only offer coverage in certain states and plans and premium pricing can vary by state and city. The best health insurance companies are the ones that provide proper coverage for your needs and budget. It is best to consult a licensed health insurance agent to compare your options.

During open enrollment each year, anyone can enroll in marketplace health insurance for the upcoming year to start on January 1st. Federal Health insurance open enrollment deadline is always December 15th. If you don’t enroll before the deadline, you need a qualifying event for marketplace health plan enrollment. You can however, enroll in private health insurance plans, which can be short-term plans for gaps in employment or many times, longer term health plans due to the affordability.

Penalties for not having health insurance have been discontinued. However, some states do require health insurance and you may still be liable if you live in one of these states. Consult our licensed health insurance agents for answers to health insurance questions specific to your state.

Health insurance plans have varying levels of coverage and inclusions like remote doctor 24/7 access, preventative care coverage, and even prescription coverage. Many times, prescription coverage is included, or can be added on to your plan. You can also enroll in prescription coverage as a stand-alone product for savings on prescription medication. Contact our licensed health agents for questions or enrollment in prescription health coverage.


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